5 Ways You Can Up-Cycle Pallets Into Something Beautiful

These Inspired Pallet Idea Will Have You Reaching For A Hack-Saw

If you’re looking for a cheap, affordable form of garden furniture, or simply a way of re-using some pallets that have made their way into your back garden, here are 5 easy ways you can create something beautiful out of the humble pallet.


Why pay a dodgy contractor thousands of pounds for a decking job that will take weeks and yield inconsistent results, when you can grab a few pallets, give them a quick paint job, then rearrange them to your own needs. Design your simple and effective decking in a flash and arrange your furniture around it, to add that extra touch of class.


Garden Funrniture

Heck, why stop at creating your decking out of pallets, when you can populate your entire garden with furniture made of pallets? Say ‘goodbye’ to the cheap and nasty plastic garbage that you’ve been telling yourself is OK and say ‘hello’ to your new super chic pallet furniture. Varnish, paint or leave to bleach in the sun for an extra rustic look.


Garden Space Saving

Sometime you just don’t have enough space in your garden for all the plants that you might need – in the event of limited acreage, hack and stack those left over pallets and create gorgeous plant shelves out of them. Grab a pot of rich, dark varnish to match with your fence and let the vibrant colours of the plants within naturally contrast with your new space saving device.


Pallet Swing

Capable of holding up to three (average weighted) individuals – jazz up your back garden or front porch with a gorgeous swing. All you’ll need is a couple of strong pieces of rope and a secure place to fix them to (a strong overhanging branch could even be used!). Hack away at your pallet until you have a suitably shaped seat, strap it together and you’re good to go!


Gardener’s Workbench

Are you in need of a some extra work space in your back garden, or perhaps you need a place to hang up your tools at the end of a long day’s work? You won’t believe it but there’s answer to your needs and it comes in the form of hacked up pallet. Arguably not a wonderfully practical solution to your problem – it, nevertheless, photographs very well.


If you’re some kind of barbarian and don’t actually have any pallets lying around then you can always straight up buy some. They’re relatively cheap, compared to buying bespoke furniture, and you can make so many things out of them.

You can try your hand at nabbing some from a building site or you could go to Timber Packing Cases and purchase their reasonably priced pallets. Happy hunting!

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