How To Make The Most Of Your Small Allotment

Small yields don’t necessarily mean small yields.

A great deal can be achieved with the smallest of spaces – you just need to get creative.

The garden allotment has long been a space saving solution for inner-city gardeners who don’t have a green space of their own. However, with the increasing demand for places to garden, the price per square metre has risen astronomically in the last year alone.


Before you despair with your small garden or allotment space – try out a few of these space saving creativity tips to make the most of what you have.

Adhere To Absolute Order

Although you might well revel in chaos and love the ‘natural’ look of your unkempt back yard – you’ll probably find that you yield less vegetables and your flowers might well struggle to get the nutrients they need to flourish.


It might feel like you’re putting limitations on your space – but really you’re liberating it. By delineating the spaces where you choose to grow your different types of veg and flowers, you’ll be able to have more control over your allotment and maximise growth all round.

Remove Any Unnecessary Ornamentation

That little garden gnome may well have been in your family for 3 generations, but not only is it thoroughly ugly – it’s also taking up valuable space that could be used for more plants!


Your allotment may well be the space where you get to ‘express yourself’ but it’s primarily a place for you to grow plants. Don’t stray into the realm of confused elderly folks all round the country; when you visit a garden centre steer well clear of all novelty decoration items and just stick to buying things that will help you grow more plants.

Grow Smart

Before you run out to the shops, grabbing as many plants and flowers as possible, take some time to consider your space limitations and your priorities. Different kinds of flowers and veg need different amounts of space and light to grow.


So before you go cramming your space up with a large shrub – think about if you’re going to want to grow any flowers or sun-hungry veg nearby. By carefully planning out your planting strategy you can successfully make the most of your smaller gardening space – and reap greater dividends come harvest time.

Consider A Garden Share

Lastly, if your plans and visions for your gardening space are simply too grandĀ for your tiny allotment, then there’s one final resort which can double or even quadruple your land entitlement.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who own gardens but don’t have the time or the passion to tend to them. By offering out your services as a private gardener you can realise your dreams of cultivating plants over a much larger space. You might not be able to wake up everyday and look out over the products of your hard toil, but you can have the satisfaction of knowing that someone else is.

Strike up the right deal with a neighbour or friend and you could even earn a little cash for doing their garden. If you do a good job you might even end up starting a little side business as a professional gardener – good bye day job!


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