Winter Activities For Spring!

Apart from dead-heading, composting and mulching – there’s not much to do in Winter.

However, there are a few preparatory actions that you can take to ensure that your garden is in good stead for Spring to come.

Buy a Greenhouse

Greenhouses are especially cheap at this time of year, with many Home & Garden retailers attempting to get rid of stock, in a bid to make room for new models. If you don’t have one already, then you could significantly increase the variety and longevity of your veg harvest.


They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes so, even if you haven’t got a huge amount of space to be working with – you should be able to find a product that can fit your specifications.

Start Your Spring Planting Early

Sprouts, celeriac, leeks and peas may flourish in spring but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump the gun a little. Planted early, in the safety of your greenhouse, these hardy plants will be able to survive the meanest of winters and can be transplanted to your flower bed, come spring time.


There’s nothing better than being prepared for Spring. Whilst you wait patiently for these little green beggars to do their magic, you can always consider planting some hardier plants that you can start eating within a fortnight.

Plant Some Hardy Herbs

These fragrant potted plants will be able to survive throughout the whole of the winter, outside. Gorgeously fragrant herbs like coriander, thyme and rosemary will even keep the smells of your garden space alive – especially when the rain pours down.


If you’re looking for something that you can chomp down on cabbage, lettuce, onions or rocket will grow fine during the winter months and give you a healthy harvest every fortnight. Rotate your crops, so you’re not overwhelmed with one type of veg at a time!

Invest In Some New Windows

It may seem like an out there idea, but by investing in brand new PVC windows, you can save money on your energy bills and save your indoor potted plants and herbs from a cold, mouldy death.


There’s nothing worse than drafty windows during the winter. Grab a new set from a reliable fitter (like Allerton Windows) and you can keep your house warmer and even invest in some new tropical plants!

Harvest The Last Of The Summer Spoils

Don’t let all the not-quite ripe plants and fruits go to waste! Tomatoes, rescued squashes and other fruits can finish ripening in a cardboard box in the warmth of your toasty home.


Try not to despair if these little veggies fail to reach their full fruition – if all else fails, you can always cook them down to make a delicious chutney or even a pickle. If the worse comes to the worst, then you’ll just have a some more material for your growing compost heap!

If you’ve got any handy tips for Winter gardening activities or home improvement projects, then shoot us an email or a message over on the contacts page!

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