Our writers are based throughout the United Kingdom – learning, developing and reporting on new techniques.


Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, the United Kingdom has long been a nation that has thrived on the basis of it’s rich lands and ingenious agricultural processes.

The people of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have a humble respect for the producers of their land – buying from local resources whenever available.

Farmer’s Markets have been a long running fixture in many English towns for centuries, giving food growers in the local area the chance to meet the people whom they are feeding.

Great British institutions such as the BBC’s Gardener’s World and Gardener’s Question Time have given the public the opportunity to learn from experts and professionals, adding to the collective knowledge that has been fostered in this Nation since our early civilisations.

With the help of our writers, readers and regular contributors – Soil. Water. Live. hopes to live up to the Great British reputation of transparency and generosity of spirit by spreading knowledge for years to come.