There’s always time to write – in fact, the act of passing on knowledge is something that has been tradition amongst farming communities for years decades.


Take early man: in order to learn the lay of the land he had to swap stories/tips/tricks in order to progress in agriculture skills.

By pooling resources and sharing trade secrets, each individual unit could learn to grow food and cultivate the land that little bit better – developing the friendly farmer culture we have today.

During the 1960s, in the United States, Farmers’ Associations would make use of Government appointed Farming Tszars.

american-farmerThese successful, land-rich men would travel throughout their State, enlightening unlucky farmers. Although they were not always from the same region, their experience handling large swathes of land made their counsel invaluable to struggling plantation owners of the mid-west.

Why don’t you choose to share your knowledge? There’s nothing like good old fashioned first hand accounts to shoot the breeze with – if it means our yields are greater come harvest time, then we’ll publish your work again.

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